Leisa Edwards Arritt

Leisa Edwards Arritt

Instructional Coach~National Trainer!

“The secret in education lies in respecting the student.” ~R.W. Emerson                                                                                                   Leisa agrees that this “secret” is key in developing a classroom community and positive lasting relationships with students. When we recognize that students are more than a number, and treat them first as human ‘beings’…then humans ‘doing’… we minimize disciplinary issues and maximize our time to teach.

As a public school educator and instructional coach for 25 years, Leisa empathizes with teachers and the many challenges they face today. She is passionate about providing teachers with practical, proven strategies and techniques to create calm, respectful, high-performing classrooms void of behavioral challenges.

As a busy mother of three boys, Leisa knows all too well, that realistically, we don’t have time to completely change everything about our classrooms just to implement new trendy boxed programs or spend countless hours coloring, cutting, and laminating the latest and greatest classroom management plans.  But attend one of Leisa’s onsite trainings, and you’ll realize, you don’t have to!  Walk away with research-based strategies today… and implement tomorrow!

  • Public School Educator, Instructional Coach-24 years
  • 1991 Marshall University Graduate; B.S.
  • 2007 Florida Gulf Coast University Graduate; M.Ed.
  • Teacher of the Year Finalist, 2009 & 2010
  • School, District Trainer; Writing, High-Yield Strategies, Technology
  • National Trainer; Classroom Management, Differentiated Instruction